Reborn This Way (No Apologies) – by Matt Burt


Don’t ask me to relent,
Don’t ask me to apologise,
Don’t ask me to hide my face,
No, I won’t wear disguise,

Don’t try to read between the lines,
Don’t try to remove my mask,
This is my actual face,
Just in case you ask,

I don’t wanna hide no more;
Ashamed of who I am,
You may serve the public perception,
But I serve the Son of man,

I serve the risen lamb,
So I can never be ashamed,
His blood can make the foulest clean.
And his blood removed my stain,

Your God is in your gut,
And your Glory is in your shame,
And I don’t want that kind of glory,
I don’t want that kind of fame,

The honour that I want
The honour that I seek,
Is for the one lifts the humble
And beautifies the meek,

The one who lifts the lowly,
And who regards the poor,
Who uplifts the downcast,
Glorified evermore,

You say that it’s undignified,
To serve a creation myth,
But I say I’ll become,
Even more undignified than this,

I could never be ashamed,
Of the one who died for me,
The one who bore my disgrace,
Strung up naked on that tree,

He took all my shame away,
He turned it on it’s head,
My shame was killed that day,
My pride was left for dead,

 He was not ashamed,
Not of me or any of the others,
He is not ashamed,
To call them his brothers,

We go to him, outside the camp,
Bearing his disgrace,
In humility we worship,
As we look towards His face,

Those who look to him are radiant,
Their faces never covered with shame,
Their lips are never slow,
To name the name above all names

The name of the one who loves,
Though he entirely sees us,
The name of the one who bore the blame,
The Name of Our Lord Jesus,

Never covered with shame
Not ashamed of the name of him who bled at Calvary,
Not ashamed of the Son of man,
And he is not ashamed of me,

You may think that this is foolishness,
But I know who I’ve believed,
He is able to keep what I’ve entrusted,
I know I’ll be received,

So don’t ask me to apologise,
I don’t care what men may say,
This is who I truly am, I can’t help it,
I was re-born this way,

I’m not ashamed of the gospel,
Nor the one I love,
I’m not trying to please people,
But My Father above,

No I’m not ashamed of the gospel,
Because he is unashamed of me,
And it is the power of god,
To save and set us free.


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