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Kinetic Network Hubs

Join us in hubs across the country

We encourage leaders within the Kinetic Network to be a part of Leadership Support Hubs. 

These Hubs:

  •  gather those who are part of Kinetic Network, along with others who share our values and vision

  • are facilitated by those with leadership responsibility in Kinetic Network

  • are specific to the needs of the participants. i.e. specific ministry and responsibility, gender, or geography

  • build strong and accountable relationships, offering both personal and ministry support

  • look to meet monthly, either for an hour online, and if possible, quarterly in person

  • utilise regular resources from the wider Kinetic Network leadership team

  • are dynamic groups intended to multiply


If you would like to find out more about Kinetic Network hubs, please contact Gareth Lloyd-Jones or complete the form below:

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